Thursday, January 05, 2006

Another clear crisp day, -18 early.

Received two Christmas cards yesterday. One from our MHA, another from the federal MP/candidate. It’s common for politician’s cards to be late, indicative of how they represent this part of their the ridings perhaps.

If it was not for the modern media avenues we would not know there was a federal election going on at all up this way. No signs, not visits, no promises. I can understand why, if the past decades are any guide the Liberals could run a red coated, deaf, blind, one legged weasel and it would get elected. Which is sad really, shows that people do not put a lot of thought into policy and how the past governments have behaved. I can understand that attitude in past decades; most people were too busy just surviving day to day. Times have changed from the land based subsistence now. People have been overpowered by the urge to participate in the consumerism economy. Many more people have 9 to 5 jobs, good paying seasonal jobs at quarries, good paying jobs at mines. There is still the fish plant, but not many fisherman locally. So given all that I see no excuse for re electing the status quo.

Why not give some serious thought to a third candidate or party, most likely asking too much though.
Photo credit to Gary Ford: This was our grandson Matthews first sighting of a plor bear, it was outside of here last spring. When we asked him about the sighting all he could say was, "it has a dirty bum". Kids are great.


Table Mountains said...

it's the same here on the southwest coast of the island brian.we have not seen a sign of a local's a tv election between the party leaders.
however i did get my christmas cards on tine, : )

NL-ExPatriate said...

Great pics!

I'm surprised some of your local communities haven't investigated or looked into making proposals for some wind generating companies to put forward a proposal to build wind mills for your community? Since you pay double what the people on the island grid pay for electricity and triple what the people in Labrador on the grid pay. You must be very eligible for the call for proposals for wind generation projects in NL.