Thursday, October 27, 2011

A smidgen of whiteness on the ground, bring on the winter I says, had enough of this summer now.

In light of all that has happened this summer to hell with it, we have been given more than enough shaft from government and the company. And in my opinion government and the company have been let off easy by MSM and the people of Nunatsiavut, with some exceptions of course.

And the shortcomings are not over yet what with ‘fall weather’ now being in the mix. 

MV ASTRON (Freight Only)
Thursday, October 27th
Lewisporte - cargo operations are complete.  On weather hold due to strong force winds and heavy seas.  As soon as conditions improve, departure time will be advised.
Ports of call: Black Tickle, Natuashish, Makkovik, Postville, Hopedale, Natuashish, Nain, Rigolet and Goose Bay.
If your confused by that routing then try figure out the updates "of the Dutch". 
On another cheesy note: Seems cheese is up near the top of the world pilfers shopping list

That should not be the case on the Labrador, who in their right mind would want the bland cardboard tasting varieties that are sold on our shelves here? 
Kraft cracker barrel and Black Diamond old are about as exotic as we get.  

For a time there was a selection of different cheeses in one store [BigLand] but all this summer that selection has ceased to appear. I had asked for replenishment but to date nothing.

My momma must have taught me right, apart from grating the cheese I do it exactly like this video indicates.

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