Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wings n Ribs. You wont find a meal like this at the Northern food warmer. The very gingery sweet n sour vegetables was very good.

Via Labrador blog we learn that a new ship is being built for the Quebec Lower North Shore run.

Mean time this side of the border the NL government is in it’s 7th year of pilot projects and studies of the previous years traffic figures and waiting to see what flows on the yet to be finished Trans Labrador Highway before gong to the Feds for their share of going it alone and being strong and free.

In other words hell will freeze over before yous on the north coast will get new vessels.


Radio Producer said...

yummy, yummy, yummy

The Pathfinder said...

You know, I've come to realize it's not a matter of the studies meaning a damn thing. Many locations of Newfoundland get the shaft on transport too.

Like I was reading the crud the folks on Fogo Island went through waiting for a decent ferry. Then they finally bought an old tub someone wanted to get rid off cheap. That's what they got years ago. And they more or less have the same problems they had before.

Like talking to those nice folks in St.Anthony. They seemed to have their stuff together, but alas, same stuff. No ships ply regularly out of there anymore. but boy, they wish they did.

Or round the other side of the coast, they used to have shipping. But their old docks are crumbling from neglect and abandonment. All the shipping and business lands south of them. So the towns and villages are dying. I just think Newfoundland hates small places and the people who live there.