Thursday, April 22, 2010

I will be putting up a pictorial of our recent trip to Hopedale in the next few days, just click on the photos to enlarge them [If you did not already know that].

At right a series as we left Nain. You can make out Iggiak Anorthosite quarry, then three shots of the mv Umiak track left in the ice on it's recent run into Edwards Cove.

Below is inside the Moravian church. Fran's sister is one of the lay ministers getting ready for the English service. We attended the just finished Inuttitut service.

At right is series of photographs of photographs of 'them days' hung in the entrance porch of the church. Bottom right shows a lectern that is still used, small one at right of larger one above.

I am also pondering some words on the recent visit to Nain by a group from MUN/Harris Center; I am having trouble trying to put some balance into the words, I see nothing positive from the community perspective to date for this very expensive exercise in academic bungling.

We are still in the throws of Les miserables weather, fog, light snow.

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