Friday, April 02, 2010

Typical spring/Easter weather, rain on Thursday, mainly sunny yesterday and up to +9. Needs the wellies for walking around last evening.

We had a meatless Good Friday, no religious connotations, just the fact I felt like it.

Made up a batch of hot cross buns for breakfast and for supper had fried char [that’s the head in pot]. Along with that had fried rice with spinach, won-ton strips and cashews. Then there were these smallest kind of bay scallops cooked in garlic, ginger and white wine. Also cracked a few snow crabs legs for garnish.

Now that we are all cleansed and pure it’s back to the old red meat again.


Shammickite said...

Who gets to chew on the head? Siutik?
Very strange easter weather here. HOT HOT HOT 25C yesterday. Lots of people out in short sleeves and shorts. Very weird for April 2.

Brian said...

Siutik get the heads? No way. That is where all the goodness and vitamins are, I should have taken a picture of the bones once Fran had finished with them, not much left.

It was +30 yesterday at Desaronto; G/D had water fights with her classmates.