Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Opportunity lost.

One of the topics on the agenda during our recent trip to Hopedale was community freezers. As reported Hopedale has quite a successful community freezer program when say compared to Nain.

Any way several people mentioned that Nain is lucky to have a ‘walk in freezer’ for their program.

“Eh” Fran and I said looking somewhat puzzled. While we racked our brains trying to think of the local and who ran the alleged walk in freezer, we promised to check it out on return to Nain.

After some checking this is what I have discovered of the alleged walk in community freezer:

Back when Northern Stores were in the process of demolition of their old store and constructing the new store Northern rented the old community fire hall from the community council to operate as a temporary store.

Northern attached [with council approval] a walk in freezer at the rear of the old fire hall. The freezer being outside the roof area Northern had to continually remove snow build up during winter months from the top of the freezer to avoid any damage.

Move forward to the time Northern had moved into their new premises and had left the old fire hall and under their rental agreement were in the process of restoring the old building to its original state. One of the tasks in restoring it to its old sate was to remove the walk in freezer.

During this same time frame a representative from a local not for profit super seKret organization approached the Northern manager and asked if the super sekret organization could acquire the walk in freezer for use as a community freezer. Why this super seKret organizations runs [unsuccessfully one may add] a community freezer is a question for another day and other folks.

Having plans to use the walk in freezer for much needed storage themselves Northern mulled over this request but in the end agreed to hand over the walk in freezer for use as a community freezer to the not for profit super seKret organization.

This must have been some time prior to this winter. I say this because if you look at the picture below the whole roof of the walk in freezer has collapsed rendering it useless. I have it on good authority that the collapse was caused by snow build up this winter; it is like someone neglected to pay due diligence and remove the snow.

So now we have a situation where a not for profit super seKret organization is in possession of a walk in freezer with a collapsed roof on property it does not own, add to that the fact it has not sought permission from the owner of the property to have the walk in freezer there and you have what some may call a rather large f--k up.

I am sure all good intentions were intended, but you have to have the ability to follow through with your good intentions, not just brag about what you intend to do then forget about the good intentions.

Opportunity squandered.


The Pathfinder said...

Oh my, how the cooler crumbles. I smell evangelic savior of Nain somewhere....

Brian said...

Shows you are paying attention PF, but no this one is not associated with the savior of Nain. Not directly at any rate though I suspect some of the players at the not for profit mentioned may support the savior of Nain for personal or other reasons.
Sorry to be so vague.