Thursday, April 08, 2010

Upurtydate on below:

We have some clearing, just back from taking certain gentleman to the airstrip, he is going to try get out today if the plane gets in.

And some shots out the kitchen window of the winter wonderland [not so wonderland if walking or driving though.
The raven was hunkered down from the snow falling, those trees and bushes were devoid of any snow until this morning.

Busy scene at the airport yesterday afternoon, passenger, freight and schedy-vac all there at same time.
Mucky mushy old trip down too, but all that dirty mushy snow and muddy ground is like a bad dream as this morning there is a fresh coverage of the white stuff. Like a winter wonderland again it is.

The fact that it is snowing and the forecast is looking ominous is no surprise to us in the know. A certain gentleman staying here has plans to travel out tomorrow. He is batting 0 for 5 at the moment with weather and travel plans.

One thing that stands out [to anyone who takes notice of these things] is the low accumulation of refuse over the winter.
Spring always reveals the aftermath of the lazy and careless peoples attitude to disposing of their litter and garbage.

The low amount of litter is attributable to two things in my mind.
One is the addition of heavier duty garbage boxes around the town and the second and most important is the ban on plastic shopping bags.

The willows down by the airstrip are almost devoid of plastic shopping bags. There is some plastic packaging sheeting and and some cardboard, but compared to the previous decade it is negligable.

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Shammickite said...

Good to know about the sudden lack of garbage lying around. Many people around here (including me) take reuseable bags for shopping these days, so the same thing is happening here. But now I can never find a plastic bag when I want one to use around the house.
Raining here... grass is getting greener.