Saturday, April 10, 2010

Trans Labrador Highway, NOT.

Though it could pass for the TLH of late.

Quite the day yesterday, the storm started with a whimper but went out with quite the bang.

Trying to watch the PGA Masters kept me busy with many trips out to brush snow off the satellite dish.

Not sure how the NHL works with these play off points, but the Habs were a winner when loosing, into the playoffs by the skin of their necks.

Then to add to the agro we had four “power glitches” between 6.17 and 7.42. Very quick outages, like the blink of an eye. Played havoc with the satellite receiver and the wireless connection for the internet.
I have a back up for the computer, wondering if I need back ups for every dame device now. Any way things stabilized after the fourth one, still the intensity of the storm had us all on edge, if the temperatures were lower it could have made things really difficult.

The series of photos [sequence taken bottom to top] taken from about mid morning to late in the evening show the several conditions our roads were in yesterday.

First the excavator loosened up all the ice and then the loader spent hours and several runs removing the broken ice and snow to the side of the road. What with snow falling constantly it looked futile but there is a method to what seems the madness of it all.

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