Thursday, February 14, 2013

Temperatures are warming up, people are feeling good about that, why yesterday there was hardly any wind to speak of, but people did anyway saying *great to not have any wind*.

The ban on hunting caribou (for some) continues to be controversial. The Innu of Labrador and Quebec continue to hunt, though alegedly under some sort of regulations self imposed.

People within Nunatsiavut are not very impressed with this increased hunt, and people are not saying *why not us* but rather are against the Innu hunting for conservation reasons.

Here is an interview with Deputy grand Chief of the Innu Nation from CBC Lab Morning

The alleged 150 to be taken by two communities seems like a lot of bullshit to me. Over 100 have already been taken by people from Natuashish. And the chief of Natuashish keeps repeating that they will take 300 animals. 

Then there are the people over in Quebec, I still have not heard what the Inuit intend doing, the Innu are resolved to keep hunting

Here is the interview with the Quebec Innu chief on CBC Lab Morning. Not a very convincing argument he puts up. He wants to see the evidence that the herd is low, how about he produces the evidence that the herd is sustainable to hunt at the level the Innu plan to.

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