Friday, February 08, 2013

It was breathtaking while out on a couple short walks yesterday, literally breathtaking walking back into the -40 wind chills.
But the sun and the rugged undulating snow covered roads makes for a feeling of contentment and comfort. Until some idiot (and there are many) on a ski doo comes blasting at high speed past you only a foot or so away.

Apparently the trail groomer the council has needs a part before it is operational so the roads can not be leveled, but more important, widened.

Personally I have not trouble with the roads left to accumulate the snow. It is usually in short order that ski doo traffic dampers down a trail that gets progressively wider making walking easier.

But these past years with the introduction of bigger and faster snow mobiles (which seems to induce a lack of common sense in some) life has become more perilous for people walking around town.

I notice that the price of milk has gone up province wide. An increase of :48 cents seems to have people complaining.

We purchased 2 liters of 2% yesterday at BigLand grocery. The price there has increased by :70 cents, up to $5:99 from $5:29.

I guess the extra :22 cents increase over the rest of the province is for sundries. Or is it because all our milk and dairy products come in from the mainland.

Still, at 5:99 it is still cheaper than at Northern, who as of yesterday had not hiked up their prices on milk.


Shammickite said...

Snow here today too, but it's a pathetic excuse for a snowstorm compared to weather conditions in Nain. -10ish, horizontal snow and strong winds, the weather people are forecasting doom and gloom, can't possibly be that bad!

hopewellwoodwork said...

Well well, here I sit in Boston, people talking and getting all excited about the "storm of the century" and the windchill as low as-2. Here we are getting 2 feet of snow 75 cm. with 40 mph winds. Don't laugh too hard!

If only they could see what you are dealing with! A breathless -45. I experienced -30 in the Rockies with no wind. I would truly love to experience an arctic winter!

I went shopping myself today. I won't bore you with the salad, yams, parsnips, Swiss chard. The tomatoes just weren't quite the right color at 0.50 cent a pound scandalous! I read Valerie your account of your shopping. She rolled her eyes and said "my god". Yes Valerie we are lucky.
Made some great bread this weekend. Why so great? No bloody clue.

Brian said...

Hope all went well with the storm, others down your ways not so lucky according to reports.

Now that you have had a great success with the bread things should come along naturally.