Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Some Innu from Natuashish are starting a walk from Makkovik to Sheshatshiu this week. An eclectic group of 20 + people of various ages and sex, several Inuit will be joining them.

The walk is in support of Burton Winters and the efforts to get changes to the search and rescue set up in the province.

No bent band member's or elected politicians, just happy fun loving people who still know how to live on the land like their ancestors did.

I think they leave today for south, hope the weather co operates for them and safe journey.

The first two pictures taken by Air Lab pilot, the third by Lori Dyson of Makkovik.

A large crowd turned out at the airport to greet the Innu.


Shammickite said...

Pardon my ignorance of distances in the northlands, but how far is it to walk from Makkovik to Sheshatshiu? How long will it take? Good luck to them all, I love the pic of all the smiling faces on the plane!

Brian said...

As the raven fly's it is about 195 K, lot further given the topography.
Not sure how long it will take, but looking at other pictures of all the cell phones amongst them I hope some one is taking a compass and watching where their going..

Old Brooktrout said...

Good luck to them.

The federal bastards just did it to us on the West Coast, suddenly closing the Kitsilano station in Vancouver. If you're at sea and in trouble now, you'll have to wait a little while.