Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Back in my youth there used to be a lot of hawkers who used horse and cart to peddle their goods and services (called wares) them days.
One such peddler was a guy who sharpened scythes, knives, axes, lawn mower blades (non motorized), scissors etc.

I tell you this as a segue to the next story, the second bluntest knife in the cutlery draw known as Goose Bay.
The bluntest being the buddy who got booked for DUI in the RCMP parking lot.

By chance I came across the present location of the Northern Ranger. She is filling in on the Island south coast run, short and not suited for a ship her size.

Boy that Hedderson guy sure did leave the transport ministry in a bloody mess, wonder what state the environment portfolio will be in after he has been at it.

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