Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Again  we are basking in relatively nice weather, though on the warmish side (+1 yesterday) while Goose Bay gets hit with another winter storm. Almost everything was shut down there yesterday. Now this morning Hopedale is in another blizzard and flights are on hold to the coast.

237 years ago today the first Labrador Inuk was Baptized into the Moravian church. “Kingmingosi, a shaman, was given the name of Peter after the baptism.


Mechtild Opel said...

Is there any old document about this baptizing left in Nain?

Brian said...


Page 166 is reference to the guy. No known documents left here, but sure there are some in someones hands seeing as the missionaries took meticulous notes.

Mechtild Opel said...

Thanks Brian. I think this book could be on our bookshelves in Nova Scotia, so once we are back in CA in spring I will check it. Some of the Nain church records must be microfilmed and stored in the MUN archives. Do you know if all remaining Nain church documents went lost during the fire of the museum some years ago?

Brian said...

Them Days Magazine in GB has some records and where digitizing them.

Dr Hans Rollmann of MUN would be the go to guy for anything that is kept down there.