Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another fantasmagorical day in the offing, a week of sun sun sun and mid - teen temps, oh when will it all end.

Pity I have been restricted with my movements, this shoulder is getting me down. So much so I visited the nursing station Friday.
Ended up seeing the Doctor first thing Monday (on the one week a month rotation visit), got bumped up the list due to high blood pressure.

So after blood work and some rest my BP was down a bit, doctor recommended (one of several) a needle in the shoulder to see what happens, thinks its rotor cup issue.

While injecting the needle my little Francois came over to see how things were going, she was at a conference near by.
Walking into the room Fran looked at me and asked, have you seen the doctor yet? Not wanting to make any sudden moves I sort of indicted with my head and eyes that said doctor was behind me sticking a sharp object in my shoulder.

Doctor chirped up with, that's me, and laughter all round ensured.

Doctor is young and female.

Fran is a presenter at a women's conference this week, plus doing the MC duties at a banquette this evening.

NG status of women (Annait Ilitagijaugutinganut are the promoters of *Advancing Inuit women: Empowering Choices Energize, Inspire, Support*.

Another polar bear was taken outside Hopedale Sunday evening, a young 20 year old shot it in company with his step father.


Shammickite said...

I hope that shoulder feels better soon. I have experienced a similar injury a long time ago. Doc sent me to a sports injury clinic (even though I wasn't doing any sports) but it took a long time to get better. Encouraging, aren't I?

Old Brooktrout said...

Good luck with the shoulder. My wife gets that treatment a lot, I mean the one where folks ask, "Where did the doctor go?" "That's me," she says. I'm just glad it was Fran who asked and not you.

Brian said...
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Brian said...

Going to see the purty lady again today, shoulder still giving me aggro.