Thursday, June 10, 2010

There must be worse views than from an Air Canada 777-200 while on a holding pattern [due to closure of one runway] over Sydney Oz. Amazing senery to the Blue Mountains right down to the beaches both north and south and Sydney Harbor and environs, eat your heart out St. John's Nfld.

Sister PAM there to great us, lifted Fan right off her feet, could not get me off the ground. In quick order we were out of there and with all the new express ways and new roads were were back in the old home town in no tome at all. many changes that I/we will have to adjust to, especialy mom who is frail of body but still sharp of mind.

In TO the morning of our departure rooks nest drove in to have coffee and a chat at the hotel, it was great to finely meet a fellow blogger, especialy one so full of life and energy as rooks nest.

Our original plan for a longer visit and a meal was changed due to a grand son being taken to hospital, we hope for a quick recovery.

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