Sunday, June 13, 2010

Down memory lane + those pesky watermelons.

Well not exactly a lane but the streets of down town Liverpool. We did a walk from moms to Westfield shopping center to have a geek at what changes have ensured in the decades since my pre teens.

Not a pretty sight I can tell you, call me old fashion but if this is progress then bugger it.
The top photo shows the original School of Arts building on Macquary street. I spent a good part of my miss spent youth in there, top floor playing snooker and playing cards in two rooms in the back. Not exactly legal cards either. Still it was not all miss spent, I learnt some valuable life's lessons there for sure.

Then the is the photo of memorial that caused quite a bit of controversy I here.

Further south is the neighborhood up around Norfolk St. where my paternal grandparents lived. The only original building is the Baptist Church which is surrounded by large buildings of flats. Just up Norfolk St. from there [the lighter building behind the red car] is where Nan and Pops house used to be. All the houses that were in this area were on large lots of land, Pops house had a veranda on two sides with lots of character inside, plus lots of kikuyu grass front and back that was a bugger to mow with a hand push mower.
Now we have those water melons that seem to pop up out of nowhere. These ones are down at the green grocers at Flowerdale Mall. At $1.99 a Kg you get a better deal than the 55 buck one that caused all the controversy in Northern Canada a couple of years back

These ones are seedless and are shipped in from the Northern Territories, not short trek either.

We have promised to buy some this week to give them the taste test, so check back for the results eh?


Mechtild said...

Puzzled to hear from another Liverpool, downunder. Greetings from that Liverpool, Nova Scotia, whereto I just came from Germany.

Shammickite said...

The watermelons look pretty good. I wonder how many you can get into your suitcase?

dogbait said...

Haven't checked for awhile and next I know your back here. How long since you last visited? From the nostalgia, methinks sometime.

Brian said...

Nine years, but but did not get a chance to tour the old traps back then.

The watermelons oare going fast, have to wait for new shipmant if I want to smuggle any back.

dogbait said...

I hope you don't smuggle them back internally!