Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Round trip part two.

Nearing 2:30 Fran says, "I think it's coming". I had not heard anything but out of the blue appears the cay almost as wide as the river.
The cat did a u turn just short of the weir and it was not long that we were under way and heading down.

The upper part was not all that attractive with the trees and bush right up to and into the river. We did stop at a couple of wharves to drop off or pick up. The river widened and we increased speed nearing Hombush Bay. Boats of every size from run abouts to mega yachts were moored or in marinas on both sides. Lots of high rise apartments mingled in with homes. Be a nice spot for a home anywhere down this way.

Soon the sky line of Sydney came into view, then the two iconic structures.

Then it was into circular quay, off the ferry and straight up to the train station.

After a brief recon we were up the stairs and onto platform 2 waiting for the Liverpool via Bankstown train. That line did not exist the last time I used the trains.
Slow and not very attractive trip saw us alight at Liverpool, do another short recon, up and down the steps to this large bus terminal, recon again, onto a #80 bus of the t way and a short time later alight at the "brickmakers" stop.
Right proud of myself I was, we had made it.

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