Thursday, June 17, 2010

Part II

After the pies we headed for Carrington Falls, very spectacular they are too. There are lots of trails to different parts above the falls but being in a rush we contented with just the top views.

The trail from the lookout to the top of the falls is made up of metal walk ways and this ancient cut in the rocks [at left] looks like an old water way.

After the falls it was off down into Kiama for a spot of lunch. I have spent many days in Kiama in past years, it is more touristy but still maintains some of it's laid back casual fishing and beach charm of old. The famous Kiama blow hole was not gushing this day, the off shore winds had flattened the sea.

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Shammickite said...

I saw a similar blow hole on the coast near Albany, W.A. I think it was at Walpole, not sure now. But the sea was fairly calm and the blw hole wasn't erupting with quite as much energy as usual. And I think there's one on the coast of the Avalon just N of Bay Bulls.