Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More pictures of the river cat trip

taken on Tuesday.

On nearing Hombush Bay these blocks of flats [apartments] come into view, they seem to go for miles.
Then the Olympic complex and the show ground is off in the distance.

Our urban trekking was curtailed somewhat yesterday, we took a walk down to the Liverpool Westfield and did some shopping for the house, some touristy things and Fran spent time in stores while I sat out people watching. The lower level of the mall has what is called "the Market" where fresh foods are sold, there is also a smaller food court where one can enjoy a snack of a coffee in relative quite.
My observations are, and this is from the time we arrived, is that the white anglo folk are definitely in a minority out this way now. Big turn around from back in the day, and no, they majority are not the original inhabitants of Gondwana.
My list of culinary delights to taste has shrunken slowly, only sausage roll and a meat pie are off the list, still have the best to come though, oysters and fish n chips, best wait for the right moment for those.
The temperatures were up in the high teens again, we were in shirt sleeves on our walk yesterday, locals still in sweater's and coats but in the afternoon most had stripped down.
We are due to go on a drive to Kangaroo Valley today then back over to the coast, forecast is for strong winds down south so we should perhaps take a woolly jumper with us just in case.

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Shammickite said...

ha ha I love the reference to the woolly jumper, haven't heard that for years, What do you get when you mate a sheep with a kangaroo... Groan... a woolly jumper, that's an ancient old joke, that is.
You two are really getting around, you seem to be having a great time. Good to know you enjoyed your burger coplete with beets and a fried egg and bacon, WOT, no pineapple?