Thursday, March 07, 2013

The weather continues to co operate at the Labrador Winter Games, overcast but no precip. 

Nain had another medal, a silver in women's badminton, just missed out on a medal in the mens.

At the end of Wednesday Nain is third in the community standings. Now there will be no more updates until the announcement of the winners on Saturday.

I sure hope the organizer can figure out the complicated scoring system as no one else can.

The Innu walkers are still at it, weather is mild and slowing progress down I guess.

It was young women's day yesterday at the Nain Moravian church. 18 participants took part in activities around the church and community.

I borrowed a couple of photos so you can see the outfits that the women wear.

                                                            Top photo is by Louisa Lamp, bottom by Rex Holwell.

I am happy to see that at least one person (apart from UN representative) with knowledge of the program continues to critasize the Nutrition North Canada food subsidy program.
It is difficult for the proletariat to follow the complicated system of checks and balances done under the old food mail program and doubly so under the alleged checks and balances with the new program.

Matter of fact from the consumer perspective there are no checks and balances under NNC, it is all set up to benefit the retailer and wholesaler, if some savings get passed on to the consumer we should thank our lucky stars according to NNC.

I feel badly burned by the people at NNC who pushed for change using the northern consumer as the catalyst, then when in power totally changed the objectives and aims of the program to benefit the retailer without any checks and balances and proof that savings are being passed on to the consumer. 

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