Friday, March 08, 2013

Beautiful clear day yesterday.

Team Nain continues to do well at the winter games. The volley ball power houses of Labrador took the top three spots, Makkovik, Nain Hopedale in that order.

In other sports Nain finished in the top half of the brackets, doing re markedly well IMO.

The Innu walkers are still making good time, getting lots of support from Postville people it seems.

Nunavut Government is introducing a food price monitoring program.  Good for them, but the article says Nunavut is the only jurisdiction that does not do that sort of research to date.
I would have to disagree with that statement, Nunatsiavut does bugger all to monitor food prices and food security.

At one time there was a half arsed attempt to monitor prices, non of the results were ever made public. Maybe they still monitor, maybe they dont, but if the public is not made aware then for all intents and purposes nothing is been done.

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Shammickite said...

I haven't seen anything about the winter games on TV here, but that is hardly surprising as I really don't turn the TV on very much! Weather here is supposed to be sunny and melty, looks like Spring may be on the way.