Friday, March 29, 2013

Cooler temps and sunshine today, nice change from those low flat precipitation days we have had.

I sure would like to be a fly on the wall of some of these offices involved in the on going debacle of marine shipping on the Labrador.

There had been no official word on the straight of bell Isle, just speculation. Now just days before the service is to start the doo doo hit the fan with controversy and the company that thought it had the contract was told to take a hike.

Then still nothing from the government until it issued this release yesterday awarding a one year contract to Labrador Marine (hands up all those surprised).

The government release came after the company had issues its own release.

All this does not bode well for the summer season for vessels to the north coast.

The Northern Ranger seems to be ready for service but the freight vessel is still an unknown, what company and what vessel is any ones guess. Although considering what is happening on the straights one could make an educated guess.

It will be decades if ever when we see the promised purpose built vessels for our service. Wouldn't it be great if we were to see something like this in the next couple of years.


Tom said...

For whatever it's worth, the Astron has been in dry dock (across the street!) in St. John's for a while now and has been given a fresh coat of paint and a general spiffing up. Looks like it's being readied for service somewhere.

Rick Monaghan said...

You might like to plug into this:


Brian said...

Wager a Long Dicks with the works I know where it will end up.