Saturday, March 02, 2013

Sight for sore bones to be sure.

After being down all the season the trail groomer was heard then seen coming up the road yesterday afternoon. Great to see it indeed, knocking bumps down and widening the usable road, happy bones is us.

The Innu walkers have not moved on spot me this morning. Lots of heavy wet snow that way I would think.

Update: Seems there is a spot of bother with the spot me, it is either on the fritz or flat batteries or is covered up in someones bag. 

The continuing story on the Innu right to hunt caribou, and its offshoots.

 If you get a chance listen to the interview with Mr. Michelin. I dont know what is going on here but answering questions with accusations and questions of your own sure does muddy the waters. Being Innu Michelin defends the Innu hunt (as I suppose he would) but being in the RCMP he has other obligations I would think.

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