Friday, March 01, 2013

The Innu walkers have been been making good time. First night camp located here, they are taking the traditional ski doo trail towards Postville and then branch off onto the groomed trail south towards Lake Melville.

I dont know where the caribou were taken nor how hunted, but the optics dont look good for sure. It would be easy for the authorities to find this out, maybe they already know.

You have to listen to the audio to learn much more about this projected pilot program centered towards the retention, or some may say  re introduction, of the traditions of brass band and organ playing in communities of Nunatsiavut. 

Personally I think it a worthwhile project, if I am to attend church (very rarely indeed) then my preference is listening to this type of music.

All or most of the athletes made it out to GB for the Labrador Winter Games yesterday. Good thing as light snow has moved in here, it looks on the yucky side from Hopedale south.

First camp of the walkers, Jennifer Price photos. 

A further update on planes and caribou and hunting moratoriums.

And the trail groomer just went up the road for its first run of the season, be more careful with expensive machinery should be the lesson. 


Shammickite said...

I wonder if any of the Labrador Winter Games will be available on TV here.... would love to watch some of it. Good luck to the walkers.... that's a long way to walk. Do they carry all their equipment with them?

Brian said...

I know CBC Here & Now will be having daily updates, would have to watch it on computer your way.

By photos I have seem the walkers have some gear with them but I think snow mobiles have the tents and support people.