Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tetchy but Cogitative.

Seems the weather and the welcome of the Curling gold medalists [men’s] are all the talk last few days.
The weather sure is strange, we do not get the coverage that other ‘modern’ towns and cities do, guess it says a lot about the different attitudes and philosophy towards the land and environment.
We too have been the recipient of the unusual weather patterns that are playing havoc from St. John’s to the high arctic, thankfully we do not have to put up with conditions like that shown on the evening news from St.John’s, or the radio reports of massive thawing and pot holes in Iqaluit. We did have a brief thaw for a day, but still plenty of snow all over. I do continue to wonder when people are going to start demanding that the corptocracy and their government minions clean up their act and start reversing this global trend to very very unstable environmental conditions.

Okalakatiget Society, the Inuit run news organization, has updated their web site http://www.oksociety.com/ Hopefully the overworked staff can find time to post regular news items and such, I know people outside OK’s broadcast area are really keen to be kept informed of what goes on back home. It is also a great forum for others to see what goes on in a remote part of the country.

The Provincial Minister for Transportation, Mr. Trevor Taylor, announced a new nine member Advisory Committee on Labrador Transportation yesterday in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

The committee will not be doing another study, but will review three studies already done, then report to the minister their findings and Labradors priorities.
The two members from the North Coast will have their work cut out if you go by past consultations; I wish them all the best and god speed. I will be keeping a close oculus on the progress, or lack off same, over next while. The reconfiguration of road, water, air transport is vital for the whole area, but in my opinion extremely vital for Northern Labrador. It is imperative that we have a strong voice/voices talking to a listening and caring ear/ears.

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