Friday, February 24, 2006

Still here, eh!

Thank you ‘table Mountains’ for your inquiry of my well being.
Lots on the go, what with Olympics, some hours in my advisory capacity [read $’s], enjoying the good days on the hills with wife and youngest grandson, digging out, with same grandson, after blizzards. Being on tenterhooks during a ten hour power outage yesterday in minus 28 c did not help ones mental state, but thanks to ‘who ever’ that it was sunny and calm.

I have been in a quandary of what direction I should go with postings. I would love to go all positive and try to promote this area for tourism. It has so much to offer. But being conscious of local feelings I’m some what hesitant yet. Tourism is really in its infancy here, sure there have been rugged individualists climbing, hiking, kayaking, and sailing for decades. These folk usually do not drop a lot of money as they are self sufficient. Now we have the Torngat National Park Reserve. Some planning and strategy sessions are under way. I have not been involved in these, but I hear that “outside interests are starting to come out of the wood work” as the saying goes. It is looking like the same old same old; there is always someone with none or limited experience of the area and its people ready to tell folks what is best for them.

I may have to revert to my past life as a lobbyist for improved services. I think some people may have had different words to describe my efforts, but that’s OK, you should hear the words I use to describe them, not for publication sure. I feel this way as our Hydro service and Marine Shipping is again in regression.
We still pay the highest taxes on the highest heating, gas, postal rates, food and other goods and services. I understand that our geography plays a roll, but I am also convinced that efficiencies and looking outside the box can reduce some of these costs; we just need the will to insist that these are looked at.
Then there is the Voisey’s Bay mine, boy what a web over there. Some tiger of an investigative reporter could make their name with stuff that goes on there. Mind you it is locked down tighter than an American “prisoner of war” camp, but then that could add to the challenge.

This has gone on longer than I intended, will have to go limber up my back as we are in early stages of another Blizzard……… where’s me shovel? I have muver nature to take on.

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Table Mountains said...

10 hour power outage!
if we loose it here for a hour or two we complain for months.