Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Meet the New Libranos:

Christ, that was a brief flirt with, accountability, transparency, democratic deficit wasn’t it. No money wasted on any silly thing like a honey moon with the unwashed proletariat either. It was political re engineering at its most cynical.

Then the pious poofs try and justify all by saying “we desperately need representation from the three largest cities in the country”. Well if the electorate in the cities wanted their representatives in the Conservative cabinet they would have voted for them. In the case of Montreal they did not even get a chance to vote for the instant senator/cab min.

Is Harper out of his freak’n mind?, after all that has gone on in last couple years over the Public Works scandal he goes and appoints another insider to head up PW. One who will not have to answer to the elected house for his actions.

I’m just blown away. This is just dirty rotten down and out cynical politics as usual. So who wants to be appointed to cabinet to represent the Labrador ridding? Or that’s right……we are only one seat with a paltry 30 thousand frozen souls.

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