Saturday, February 25, 2006

Blow Out

Spent part of yesterday in a very February Canadian way; Like in front of the TV with a raging swirling blizzard out side. Could not see a thing out the large picture window, it did make for better viewing of the screen though.
The Canadian representatives in the Curling competition were amazing; you could see the team gel and mature through out the round robin and into the play offs. It all came together for the final, what a great win.
I emphasize Canadian and team above because that is what they are, a team representing Canada. Some reasonably sane people seem to be going off their rockers claiming ‘the team’ as Newfies or Newfoundlanders, and how it shows what a great bunch and how superior Newfoundlanders are. What a load of horse shit.

My one wish now is that Broadway Danny can constrain himself and let the ‘team’ receive all the accolades on there return to Newfoundland and Labrador. Danny Boy has had his two and a half minutes of fame; let these blokes have their ten minutes without the prancing and preening Danny show.

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WJM said...

BRAVO! You're saying what I'm thinking! There should be the biggest kind of a crowd at St. John's airport when they get back, but I'll vomit if Chairman Dan is in it. He can have his photo opp later on, if the team wants, but the welcome home should be for the team, their families, and their fans.