Sunday, February 05, 2006

I quit.

I see where an arbiter has given Mr. Entitlements his entitlements [400 grand and change] plus his entitled pension.
I remember Mr. Entitlements saying publicly that he resigned from his post for the good of the Mint.
Lawyers slash politicians eh?

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Table Mountains said...

that pissed me off when i saw it on the news.i wish it was announced before the election.
i worked 16 years with the railway and the day it closed i got my pension back i payed in and 2 weeks severence pay per year i worked.(80% of my weekly wage)not having no advice i drew my severance package out,payed high taxes on it and later it was docked from my EI.i payed back thousands and others done the same who worked with me.first time we ever drew EI and didn't know the difference.then every once in a while i hear a story like this i go beserk.