Friday, February 03, 2006

Snowy memories

Seems we missed the storm again. We have been in either sun or partly cloudy all the while the latest has hit Maritimes and into St.John’s. Looking at the videos of the carnage winter storms create in modern city’s it makes me glad I’m up here. We just let the snow build up and walk or drive over it. Mind you, the council these past couple of years has been using a bulldozer, dragging a small trail groomer behind, to flatten out the bumps that snow mobiles create. This is a catch 22 situation though. It is great for easier walking and way way easier on aging backs when riding machines. Alas the folks with a few knives short in the cutlery draw use the smooth roads for speedways. These new large ski doos are becoming very dangerous with there larger weight and engine capacity.

Watching the storms in the south reminds me of my first, and only, driving experience in a Canadian snow storm. T’was back in 78/79, I was over in Wakefield Q with a friends old Bronco, I was doing some work for him on a new house. Early evening it started to snow so I headed off back to Ottawa. Part way back there was a nice little road house, so I stopped to wash the dust down. On leaving the road house I notice the storm has picked up, both in volumes of snow and intensity of the wind. I pulled out of car park and drove about a mile before caution overcame valor and I turned around to head back to the road house. I called my friends from there asking them to come out get me. By the time they arrived the dust in my throat had well and truly settled, the storm had become way worse, so we hung around a bit longer making doubly sure of the dust problem. Don’t remember much of the ride back to Ottawa the night, but we all had lots of laughs for a time after about the tough Ozzy being chicken of a bit of snow.

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