Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Woman of Labrador

http://www.andyvine.com/page3.html Click on "listen" for a sample.
Women of Labrador is sung by many artists, I have never heard this version before, not that I recall any way. I also did not know that Mr. Devine was the writer of same, I like his version, just a personal preference.
Boy you would not know this was the same planet last couple days, -12 or so and sun sun sun. Much appreciated change from the snow wind warm temperatureses of last three weeks.


Table Mountains said...

lyrics for it here.
i wonder was the song somewhat about elizabeth goudie who wrote the book woman of labrador ?
anyway,thanks for that link this afternoon from a guy far south of you in the same province. : )

Brian said...

I do believe the song was inspired by the book on Elizabeth Goudie, Great read indeed.
No disrespect to Mrs. Goudie, but the song always reminds me of a lot of women I have either met or heard about in Labrador. Some very strong ladies with lots of inner wisdom and strength. Elizabeth Penashue is just one of them. Mrs. Penashue is on her annual walk into the wilds of central Labrador at the moment. She had to miss last year due to illness, but is at it again this year. Sure wish some of the political leaders had here wisdom and strength sure.