Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Seen on CBC 'here n Now'

Well I’m relieved to see that The Labrador Winter Games did have a more traditional mascot, a big white ukalik. Looking at it it did still have a phallic appearance, or maybe that was just the bad lighting in the arena, or that it was next to Danny Boy at the time.
Danny Boy opened the games, with two of the gold medal curlers there to light the games flame. Looked like everybody was having a good time.

While in Goose bay Danny Boy announced lots of money, well some money, for infrastructure. The big item is 1.9 million for the ‘performance centre”, this has been a contentious issue for Labrador for some time. Last I heard the feds came up with their half, but Danny Boy would not come to the party. Now we have Danny Boy at the party but it is not sure to me if the feds will show up, I sure hop e so. There was also money for roads, long term health.
I will look to WJM for a correct assessment of whose money it all is, besides being mine and yours.

Seen on CBC ‘hear n now’


Table Mountains said...

i saw the article on cbc.i particulary liked the part about the japanese exchange student who participated.

WJM said...

Torngat, I've posted on the narrow subject of the auditorium alone, at least for now.