Sunday, March 05, 2006

Feeling left out n stuff.

What with all the hoopla and goings on in St.John’s I feel I have to get into the act.
I would like to propose we re name the province Labrador and Gushueland. Well at least until the next Olympic gold medal is produced by someone living on the Avalon Peninsula.
Perhaps WJM could help in drawing up the necessary papers ready to present to the two houses for debate and vote.
And what happened to the old guy from away who held the broom and did all the shouting to get the lazy young buggers to work harder on their brushing. No respect for age n experience these days.

Speaking of age; old sir Paul sure does look it. I do not watch shows like Larry King Live, though I did read the transcript of the Lady Sir Danny Boy set too. Me thinks it was an exercise in futility on Danny’s part. Lady what’s her face sure is objectionable at best. I do agree with sir Paul when he said he came into the region with an open mind. Like it is that open it could not hold data as to his actual location, guess that’s why his minders put a shirt blazoned with Canada on him, I do wonder how he would get home with that on though.
The people who organized the whole PR gambit on the ice know their stuff one has to admit, maybe the Liberal Party of Canada should think about availing of their services, Provincial Libs too. After all, fund raising and politics is all smoke n mirrors and about the optics.

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Table Mountains said...

that's the first time on a blog i seen it mentioned that paul was wearing clothes with canada on it.good move on his part!probably made by his designer daughter using non animal products.