Saturday, April 27, 2013

Not highly recommended: a 3 day trip to Goose Bay to get an ex ray and two other appointments. Especially with a bunged hip.

The ski doo ride to and from airstrip was the worst, nothing to do about that, or was there?

Had good help at airstrip and at GB airport, wheelchair waiting. The flights both ways great, just getting off and on was difficult with the pain.

I was getting down that not enough emphasis was being payed to the seriousness of my condition, still worrie3de realy as it will take 10 days or so before the Doctor gets the official read out of the ex rays.

I am encouraged by the reception from the physio therapist, took great interest in my general condition and was great help in dealing with the hip issue.

The state of the northern caribou herds is still a controversy bubbling under the surface. Another meeting to form committees to look at ways to deal with the issue.
Nunatsiavut Government has dealt with the George River heard quite well, I am not sure why they have not dealt in similar manner with the smaller Torngat herd in a similar way.
Asking people to not hunt seems a smart way to go untill others agree on a moratorium, or a survey shows there a enough animals left for a sustainable hunt.


Shammickite said...

Hi Brian: I haven't been blogging lately either, hence I wasn't aware that you are crocked up.... best of luck with the doc and the test results. Have you got one of those bags of grain that can be heated up in the microwave? The best thing for aches and pains. F

bobwormington said...

Brian hope your feeling better miss your posts.Im glad we don't have to anywere by snowmobile at this time of year.My wife broke her leg Wed afternoon shw's off her feet with a cast for 8 weeks.Walking cast for a month after that.Im being the wet nurse and chief cook and bottle washer for a while.We live in Kingston Ont but I spent 2 years in GooseBay with the military so the North has allways held a soft spot for me.Anyway hope your getting better. Bob Wormington

Brian said...

Thank Bob, Im still waiting for the Dr assessment, slow .
Hope your wife heals fast, broken aging bones are no fun.